When setting up my personal blog, I was prompted for a tag line. This, in turn, prompted much thought. As I looked over the information, products, and services I have to offer, I realized they all have to do with forming and maintaining healthy relationships, creating things that bring me joy, and anticipating the loving plans of our Heavenly Father.

Scripture tells us that God is love. Love, by nature, is relational. God is also a creative being – look around you! Finally, God sees all time from beginning to end, and He has loving plans for us. We can anticipate, with hope and joy, the many things God has planned (both on this earth and beyond).

Considering all of these factors, we were made in God’s image. We were designed to be relational, creative*, and hopeful beings.

This site is in place as an outlet for me to share what God is teaching me about how I relate to others in His love, how I can create (and share the joy I gain from creating), and the many promises I anticipate thanks to God’s loving plans.

So now, I wish you healthy relationships, joyful creativity, and hopeful anticipation!




*Even if you don’t think you are creative, God has given you SOME form of creative expression… I encourage you to find it!

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